At A Glance

Bangladesh at a Glance


·    Area: 144,000 km2

·    Independence: 16 December 1971

·    Population: 142 Million

·    Capital: Dhaka

·    Bangladesh Standard Time: 6hrs+GMT

·    International Dialing Code: +88

·    Major Cities: Dhaka, Chittagong

·    Weather: Winter: 9º to 29º centigrade

·    Summer: 21º to 38º centigrade

·    Currency: Taka

·    Exchange Rate:

·    GDP: USD 89.38 billion

·    Int. Airports: Dhaka, Chittagong

·    Sea Ports: Chittagong & Mongla

·    Boarder with: India & Myanmar

·    Regional Cooperation: SAARC

Bangladesh - An Emerging Tiger


·    Largest Democracy

·    Continuous GDP growth of 5%-7%

·    Stable currency and no major fluctuations over the last three years

·    Resilient high growth economy led by strong exports

·    Bangladesh has always fulfilled its debt obligations

·    Both JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have included Bangladesh among their shortlists of “transitional states likely to succeed.

·    Standard & Poor's (S&P’s)

·    Moody’s Investors Service: Ba3

·    Country of young population, 77% born after 1971 – the year of great liberation war!

·    Large labor force that is increasingly better skilled

·    More than 3 times increase in literacy rate in last 3 decades

·    Majority of the young are computer literate and speak in English wel

·    Moderate Muslim country – tolerance, harmony, co-existence

·    Global leader of micro finance, land of social entrepreneurship/social business and micro finance innovation




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