AUW providing higher education opportunities for garment workers

Higher education opportunities for women, especially for the less privileged ones, has been limited in Bangladesh.

The Asian University for Women (AUW) was established with an exceptional approach to create opportunities for women to pursue higher studies for development of leadership, economic progress and social and political equality in society.

The readymade garment industry, being the largest industry sector in the country employing around 2.5 million women, is greatly complementing to this vision of AUW.

Currently 60 students from 14 garment factories are studying in a multicultural global environment of AUW.

During these years of studying, the factory authorities pay basic salary to the workers enrolled in AUW for five years so that their families do not face any difficulty. Mohammadi Group was the first garment manufacturing enterprise that signed MoU with AUW.

Currently workers from Ananta Group, Denim Expert, Giant Group, Kenpark, Knit Concern, Mohammadi Group, Northern Fashion, Pacific Jeans, Pouchen, Shanta Denim Industries, Simba Fashions, Sunman Group, Universal Group, Youngone, Clifton, Asian Group, Azim Group are studying in AUW.