Apon, a fair-price retail chain for garment workers

Apon is a fair price retail system, developed exclusively for the garment factory workers of Bangladesh, selling packaged and non-packaged food and other household necessities to workers at up to 10% discounted price than regular retail shops.

Each purchase from the shop earns a worker points that accumulates on his/her digital Apon account (a digital card provided to each worker for free of cost).

With the points collected, the worker gains access to zero-cash health coverage, allowing him/her to get free medical services up to yearly $188, including maternal health from designated service points, and Life Insurance coverage up to yearly $313.

The workers also get access to consumer credit up to 50% of their monthly salary without any interest.

Apon serves more than 50,000 workers through 9 outlets, of whom 24,000 are women.

Currently about 1000 workers have health insurance cards provided by Apon.

It provided $52,000 (approx) worth of savings to the worker generated from the discount and insurance.

Apon currently operates shops in Mohammadi Group, SQ Group, Esquire Group, Ananta Group, Islam Garments, Renaissance group, Dutch Bangla Pack Ltd.

It envisions reaching 40 factories before 2020.

Apon already have engaged and signed on the process with several factories.

They  will expand to 17 factories by 2019 and cover 120,000 workers by 2020.