BGMEA delegates meet PM Sheikh Hasina

 A high-level BGMEA delegation met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday to discuss the state of the industry and its plans.

Led by their president Rubana Huq, BGMEA leaders also discussed future plans of the industry.

The meeting featured a presentation from the association of garment manufacturers and exporters, which highlighted the significance of the garment industry within the national economy.

The self-monitored RMG Sustainability Council, which is expected to play a crucial role in ensuring the compliance of the garment factories with the phase-out of Alliance and Accord, was also discussed at the meeting.

The presentation began with the story of Bangladesh, likening it with a phoenix titled ‘The Story of Phoenix’. This illustrated Bangladesh’s impressive growth over the last 40 years during which time country’s GDP grew from a meagre $18 billion to $274 billion registering a 15-fold increase.

Between 1984 and 2018, garment exports grew from just $120 million to $34 billion accounting for more than 80% of Bangladesh’s total exports in value.

The BGMEA delegates also highlighted concerns and challenges for the industry. Their presentation touched upon several factors including the US-China trade war, dropping prices and the impact of the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement. Vietnam has also been one of the beneficiaries of the China’s falling market in the US.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told the BGMEA delegates to focus on product diversification in order to boost exports further. She also commended the garment industry for its role in the economy.