BGMEA probes IBC allegations of worker lay-off by factories

An investigation was launched based on the allegations of the IBC regarding the number of terminated workers during the months of December 2018 and January 2019.

The investigation was carried out in two phases -

In the first phase, 56 factories, which terminated workers but did not file cases, were invited to come and present their cases.

This phase of the investigation was carried out at the BGMEA conference room on August 29, when.

Responding to the BGMEA’s call, a total of 23 factories were present and submitted documentation for 1437 terminated workers.

The investigation found out that not all the factories terminated workers. Rather, only 11 of them did so.

The factories also provided MOUs with trade union leaders, under which workers were terminated.

In the second phase, a total of 39 factories, which terminated workers and filed cases, submitted a list of terminated workers which counts to 2378.

This phase was also carried out at the BGMEA conference room on September 1.
The BGMEA also came to know that 26 cases were filed against the workers.

However, 10 cases have already been withdrawn and the rest 16 are under process. The factory owners promised that most of these ongoing cases will be withdrawn soon.

Seven factories have signed MOUs with trade unions and federations. Those were also submitted to the BGMEA authorities.