DBL Group introduces fair-price shop Bandhan

This is an initiative of one of the leading garment manufacturing enterprises in Bangladesh - the DBL Group.

The shop is aimed at reducing workers’ monthly expenditure burden and sheltering them from the economic inflation by providing all the essentials and commodities at factory price of manufacture.

Any worker of DBL can buy items through zero-cash and on-credit transaction: the bills are simply adjusted with their salaries at the end of the month.

“Bandhan” follows a unique system - a worker is able to purchase items through credit but without bearing any interest.

The price of purchased goods on credit is adjusted with their salaries.

During their breaks, the workers simply go to the shop, collect the items, and head back home.

The long waiting queue that is present in a supermarket – where a customer has to wait for each single item being scanned in and then making the payment – has been totally eliminated here.

An in-house designed point of sale (POS) system effectively keeps track of each worker’s procurement.