DIFE discusses reconstruction progress with factory owners

Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) on Wednesday morning organised a meeting with RMG factories owners to discuss the progress of the RMG factories’ reconstruction.

Ministry of Labour and Employment Secretary K M Ali Azam, BGMEA President Dr Rubana Huq, DIFE Inspector General Shibnath Roy attended the meeting.

Besides, the representatives from 139 factories were also present at the meeting at the DIFE conference room.

At the beginning of the meeting, DIFE presented the progress report of the factories and wanted to know why the reconstruction lagged behind.

While addressing the meeting, BGMEA president Dr Rubana Huq pointed out that the RMG industry is going through a tough phase.

However, she said still her association was there to help the factory owners so that they could finish the reconstruction work within the time frame.

During the meeting, some important decisions were taken. There were factories that take regular UD (Utilization Declaration) and HS (Harmonised System) business.

Decisions were taken to fast track these factories. This will help in expediting remediation within next 4 months.

DIFE will also seek explanations from factories which are not taking UDs. 

Additionally, there were a few factories which were taking less UDs, but they have a functioning business. Decisions were taken to put a pressure the factories to show substantial progress within 2 months.

The DIFE IG said the government is earnestly trying to establish a business friendly environment, especially for the RMG sector, in the country. But the factory owners must follow the agreements with the government. 

At the meeting, DIFE officials also mentioned the agency’s role in nurturing the country’s RMG industry.

After discussing all the issues, DIFE and BGMEA assured the factory owners to provide all the assistance for factory reconstruction.