Talent Hunt Program for Disabled Students

BGMEA Vice President (Finance) Mohammed Nasir said that people with disabilities should not be treated as burden on society rather be turned into human resources by including them in the mainstream economic activities.
He made the remark while speaking at a Talent Hunt Program for Disabled as the Chief Speaker organized by Friend’s View Ad Media and Events in Dhaka on 3 December.
State Minister for Finance and Planning MA Mannan, MP, attended the program as Chief Guest.
In his address as the key speaker Mohammed Nasir said: “Instances are many where physically challenged people rose above even the fully functional people to claim their fame – like Stephen Hawking, John Nash and Christy Brown.”
“We have to create awareness that people with disability are not disabled, rather they have abilities to become a productive members of the national workforce,” he added.
President of IDEB (Dhaka District) Md. Khobir Hossain, Head Teacher of Dhaka Government Bodhir High School Md. Aminul Islam, and Chairman of Friends’ View Robi Chowdhury, among others, were present at the program.