BGMEA’s Response to Dhaka Tribune Report

Regarding the report published by the Dhaka Tribune dated 7 April 2020 titled “Gazipur apparel factories continue to defy ban” - we the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) strongly protest the report which was based on some fragmented information intended to defame BGMEA and renowned exporters like DBL. When the RMG industry along with the nation are facing a dire crisis, such report creates confusion in peoples mind and damage the image of the RMG industry. 

Considering the crisis of PPE during the COVID-19 outbreak Bangladeshi RMG industry is extending their supports. This is truly unfortunate the way the reporter cherry picks 2 factories and trying to portray the industry distortedly to the people.   

The report says that Over 50 apparel factories in Gazipur flouted Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s instructions and continued operating on the basis of their export orders, on Tuesday. But the reality is DIFE has issued circular and also Ministry of Public Administration has further clarified with circular as per instruction received from PMO that the factories producing PPE and having emergency export orders can continue operations maintaining proper hygiene practices.

And moreover, the official joint stance of BGMEA and BKMEA clearly provided direction which is a factory can run maintaining proper hygiene inside the factory premises to produce PPEs and other critical urgent exports. Dulal Brothers Ltd is a globally renowned RMG manufacturer catering to some global brands and in their premises, they are maintaining world class health and hygiene system to protect their workers while producing their urgent important export items. You may please have a look in the AV to have an idea how DBL is maintaining hygiene to protect their workers which is a highly appreciable initiative. So the accusations made of defying government instruction is completely baseless and false and we encourage the reporter to admit their mistake. Since Shahjahan Spinning is not a BGMEA member factory therefore we don’t want to comment on that factory.     

It is as an unnecessary and unfortunate attack on the industry on which lives of millions of workers depends in such a crucial time. When we need to be united such reports would create contradictions


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