BGMEA refutes BGWS report

The BGWS report was based on data not properly verified, hence misleading:

It should be noted that the data compiled by BGWS was not taken from any trusted sources which are verifiable, vaguely citing 25 newspapers without names and authenticity. Hence the data is termed as completely baseless and false with ill motive of creating miscommunication and confusion among the general people.

Whereas BGMEA has comprehensive data which is cross checked with industrial police and related government offices every day. Based on which we can say till 7 May, 2020 in Bangladesh a total of 12425 people are infected with COVID-19 where in the last 24 hours, 706 people were identified as COVID affected patients. The total number of RMG workers who have been affected by COVID-19 is around 0.I6%. (Less than even 0.2%). 

It is imperative to think about the patients and not the profession. As Covid-19 effects People’s from all professions, without distinguishing among law enforcers, health professionals, journalists, bankers or RMG workers. And the numbers from RMG is not even significant. For the sake of livelihood and economy, we urge you to take the overall picture and not single RMG sector out.

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