UNDP, GRI and BGMEA to support garment factories to align with SDGs

BGMEA organized a workshop to brief garment factories on how to align their activities with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and showcase them through SDG Reporting.

Miran Ali, Director at BGMEA; Wasim Zakariah, Chairman, BGMEA Standing Committee on RDTI and SDG; Sheikh H M Mustafiz, Chairman, BGMEA Standing Committee on RSC-Environment, Linda Germanis, Private Sector Engagement Specialist, UNDP; and Pallavi Atre, Sustainability Expert, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) South Asia attended the workshop held on 22 October where representatives of 20 garment factories also took part.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are one of the most important strategic areas of concern for the Government of Bangladesh. The RMG industry of Bangladesh is playing an important role in attaining the goals. The contribution of the private sector is critical for the overall socio-economic development of the country. 

BGMEA in partnership with UNDP, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and SR Asia has taken an initiative of aligning the activities of RMG industry with the SDGs and National Priority Indicators (NPI). Initially 50 garment factories will get the opportunity to get register for the project. Built on the success of this initiative, the project will be scaled up.

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